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Image by Michal Matlon

Estefani Stuart


Professional Engineer

Estefani Stuart

Ms. Stuart joined Engineering Professionals, Inc., in February 2023. She completed a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad del Zulia, Cabimas, Venezuela in 2015. She also holds a post-secondary diploma as an Energy Systems Engineering Technician from Centennial College, Toronto, Canada (2018). She was awarded the Professional Engineer license (Florida) in March 2024.

Ms. Stuart's recent mechanical experience includes:
● Design mechanical layouts based on the heating and cooling requirements of the space
● Size supply and return ductwork, select registers, select HVAC system
● Outline sanitary, water and gas floor plan based on the space requirements and their respective
isometric diagram
● Design fire protection layout and indicate Fire Protection components such as fire water main, FDC
location, fire riser size and location, fire flow test data, etc.
● Perform Heat Load calculations to commercial buildings such as retail, offices and restaurants to
determine the necessary cooling and heating requirements

Technical skills include AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Spanish fluency

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