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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

HVAC System Design

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning design is our primary area of expertise. Our design process consists of ensuring we achieve the desired thermal energy transfer, humidity control, filtration, and delivery of ventilation air to the breathing zone of the occupied space in accordance with required needs.

Key Benefits

  • Comfortable building environment

  • Ideal indoor air quality

  • Code compliance

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Plumbing and Piping Systems Design

Our plumbing design services consist of design development, pipe sizing calculations, and fixture selection, with the intent of providing proper distribution of water and gas, as well as, sewage disposal. Our team of experienced plumbing designers are capable of engineering systems throughout the USA and Mexico. While the team continues to study codes throughout the nation, the company also maintains a database of local code interpretations. 

Plumbing systems we design include

  • Sanitary and storm sewer systems

    • "It flows downhill!"

  • Domestic hot and cold water systems

  • Specialty Piping

    • Medical gasses

    • Acid resistant systems

    • Natural gas

    • Compressed air

    • Petroleum product

    • Other piped substances at your request - "If it flows through a pipe, we can design it!"

Key Benefits​

  • Sanitary building environment

  • Safe Drinking water

  • Code compliance

Fire Protection System Design

​Fire sprinkler design is offered to provide complete coordination of pipes and ducts within your building. Our projects range from the development of bid drawings for Architects and Professional Engineers to detailed shop drawings for the fire protection contractor. We perform hydraulic calculations and produce consistently accurate plans.

Some Fire Protection systems we design include

  • Wet Systems

    • Water systems for Light, Ordinary, Extra-Hazard, ESFR and NFPA 231 applications

  • Dry and Pre-action Systems

    • Systems for sensitive areas such as computer rooms, freezers, telephone switches, and museums

  • FM 200 Systems

    • For areas with electronics and other special applications

Key Benefits

  • Coordination of plans resulting in lower construction costs and fewer revisions.

  • Design is supervised by a Registered Engineer

  • Smoother Permitting Process

  • Code Compliance

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